3 rows where Community Districts = 19 and Moans = "true" sorted by Combination of Primary and Highlight Color

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Suggested facets: Shift, Date, Hectare Squirrel Number, Age, Primary Fur Color, Specific Location, Chasing, Climbing, Other Activities, Quaas, Runs from, Other Interactions


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Community Districts

Link rowid Longitude Latitude Unique Squirrel ID Hectare Shift Date Hectare Squirrel Number Age Primary Fur Color Highlight Fur Color Combination of Primary and Highlight Color ▼ Color notes Location Above Ground Sighter Measurement Specific Location Running Chasing Climbing Eating Foraging Other Activities Kuks Quaas Moans Tail flags Tail twitches Approaches Indifferent Runs from Other Interactions Lat/Long Zip Codes Community Districts Borough Boundaries City Council Districts Police Precincts
1037 -73.9677409841969 40.7763579140639 15G-PM-1019-08 15G PM 10192018 8 Adult     +   Above Ground 5   false true false false false   false true true false false false false false   POINT (-73.9677409841969 40.7763579140639)   19 4 19 13
2729 -73.9615429203441 40.7907417648701 31D-AM-1014-01 31D AM 10142018 1   Gray Cinnamon Gray+Cinnamon   Above Ground 20 Ground then up tree false false true false false chased by a doggo false false true false false false false true runs from (dogs!) POINT (-73.9615429203441 40.7907417648701)   19 4 19 13
601 -73.9522291603405 40.7976985385835 42G-PM-1014-01 42G PM 10142018 1 Adult Gray White Gray+White   Above Ground 8   false false true false true   false false true false false false false true   POINT (-73.9522291603405 40.7976985385835)   19 4 19 13

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CREATE TABLE squirrels(
  "Longitude" TEXT,
  "Latitude" TEXT,
  "Unique Squirrel ID" TEXT,
  "Hectare" TEXT,
  "Shift" TEXT,
  "Date" TEXT,
  "Hectare Squirrel Number" TEXT,
  "Age" TEXT,
  "Primary Fur Color" TEXT,
  "Highlight Fur Color" TEXT,
  "Combination of Primary and Highlight Color" TEXT,
  "Color notes" TEXT,
  "Location" TEXT,
  "Above Ground Sighter Measurement" TEXT,
  "Specific Location" TEXT,
  "Running" TEXT,
  "Chasing" TEXT,
  "Climbing" TEXT,
  "Eating" TEXT,
  "Foraging" TEXT,
  "Other Activities" TEXT,
  "Kuks" TEXT,
  "Quaas" TEXT,
  "Moans" TEXT,
  "Tail flags" TEXT,
  "Tail twitches" TEXT,
  "Approaches" TEXT,
  "Indifferent" TEXT,
  "Runs from" TEXT,
  "Other Interactions" TEXT,
  "Lat/Long" TEXT,
  "Zip Codes" TEXT,
  "Community Districts" TEXT,
  "Borough Boundaries" TEXT,
  "City Council Districts" TEXT,
  "Police Precincts" TEXT
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